Consulting services for clients and contractors

Competent tendering of geotechnical test programmes or specialised civil engineering projects results in a smooth realisation of the required works. With our broad spectrum of experience and qualification we can perform this task for you with ease and efficiency.

Special recommendations
There are numerous techniques available to solve geotechnical problems such as slope stabilisation or specialised foundations. We can advise in the selection of the correct concept and examine alternatives.

Geological site investigation
Every building requires a stable foundation. We can help you in the selection of a suitable site by preparing a geological site investigation, if necessary including drilling.

Monitoring programmes
Monitoring is often used when faced with difficult conditions. We develop monitoring programmes to determine the stability of endangered buildings and can carry out, evaluate and assess the measurements.

It is not uncommon to have differences of opinion between the client and the contractor during civil engineering works. Here we offer the preparation of an arbitration report thus avoiding drawn-out and costly disputes.

Quality management, SCC-management
Adequate quality standards are a necessity for the successful realisation of specialised civil engineering works. We can develop a quality-management manual along with work instructions in close cooperation with the contractor. If requested we can take the SCC standards into account.

Employee training
To further educate your employees, we offer training courses in the technology for special civil engineering works and in the implementation of VOB part B and C. Just let us know your actual requirements!

Consulting services for geotechnical engineering companies and manufacturers

Approval preparation for new technical procedures
Many investigations need to be successfully carried out before a new procedure can be introduced. Through our long experience in this area we can help our clients from the development right through to complete approval.